How do I view wiki page info?

Go to Wiki.

Select the Wiki tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Info.

Click Info.

Select the Info button to view the information for the page you are currently viewing.

View page information.

The following information will be displayed for this page:

  • Lists all pages the page links to
  • Lists all pages that link to this page
  • Gives the page owner (usually the person who created it)
  • Gives the global page name, to allow linking to it from outside the Wiki
  • Gives the page permission details (the site you need to be a member of to see it)
  • Gives details of when the page was last edited

The Info screen also allows you to open the following versions of the page:

  • Printer friendly version
  • Un-editable HTML version
  • An open document format (.odf) version (which can be opened in Open Office, for example)
  • An RSS feed of recent changes