How do I reorder MOTD announcements?

Go to Announcements.

Select the Announcements tool from the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace.

Click Reorder.

Drag and drop to re-order announcements.

The announcement that you have selected will be green until it is dropped in its new location.  It will turn blue for a few seconds before it reverts to the default gray color.  

Auto-Sort Options.

There are also three options that allow you to auto-sort the Announcements:

  1. Sort by subject - orders the announcements in alphabetical order according to the subject line
  2. Sort by author - orders the announcements in alphabetical order according to the person who created the announcement
  3. Sort by modified date - orders the announcements in order based the creation (or most recent modification) date.

When you click the link, an arrow icon appears beside it showing if the list is sorted smallest to largest, or largest to smallest.  In the above illustration, the announcements are sorted by date, with the most recent at the top and the oldest at the bottom.If the link is clicked again, the arrow will icon points down showing that the oldest announcements are at the top and the newest ones are at the bottom of the list.

Click Update.

Once you have placed the announcements into the desired order, click the Update button to save.