How do I merge MOTD announcements?

The function to merge announcements allows for a central site to push out announcements from other courses.  For example, a Nursing Program includes twenty different courses. However, the system admin could choose to push announcements out to all users in the system from those twenty courses using the MOTD Annoucements tool.  Announcements that are merged into the MOTD Announcements area cannot be edited from this location. They must be edited from within the course or project site where they were originally created.

Note: To set up the Merge, the system admin must be enrolled as an instructor in the course or project sites to be merged.

Go to Announcements.

Select the Announcements tool from the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace.

Click Merge.

Select the course to merge from.

Check the box beside the course from which this course will draw its Announcements, and then click Save.